Brief Talk After Dark – White Briefs with Jock Embarrassed

Summary: In this episode of Brief Talk After Dark, UNB Tim sits down with Jock Embarrassed to discuss the launch of his new underwear brand, Wear Tighties. They dive into the creative process, the challenges of starting a new business, and the community’s reception to the new line. Jock shares his inspiration behind the designs, the feedback he’s received, and hints at future plans for the brand. The conversation also touches on the kink aspect of wearing briefs and how it plays into the brand’s identity.

Key Points:

  • Introduction of Jock Embarrassed and his new underwear brand, Wear Tighties.
  • The inspiration behind the brand and the unique designs.
  • Discussion of the creative process and challenges faced in launching the brand.
  • The role of community feedback in shaping the products.
  • Insights into the kink aspect of wearing briefs and its influence on the brand.
  • Future plans for Wear Tighties, including new designs and collections.
  • Promotion of related products like t-shirts and upcoming collaborations.


  1. “What I really wanted to do was create pairs that were special and unique and that you can’t buy anywhere else with a specific design or a specific waistband.” – Jock
  2. “I wanted it to be loud and proud, you know, when you’re stretching that someone could see your white briefs poke out and them instantly know, those are tighty whities because they literally say tighty whities.” – Jock
  3. “It takes a village. It takes a community to rally around and support and stuff. And so far, I’m really happy with the support that I’ve received.” – Jock
  4. “It’s fun because both pairs have that quality, you know, if they peek over the jeans, the white waistband just clearly reading tighty whities.” – Jock
  5. “You get underwear, that’s why I love having you on the show. You just get it.” – UNB Tim


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