Brief Talk After Dark – Cody Perry Photographer

In this conversation, UNB Tim interviews photographer Cody Perry, who specializes in spicy and provocative photography. They discuss Cody’s journey into photography, his inspirations for shoots, and his unique approach to capturing different themes and fetishes. They also touch on the challenges of finding locations for shoots, including Cody’s desire to shoot in a locker room. Overall, the conversation highlights Cody’s ability to find beauty in unconventional subjects and his dedication to creating high-quality and artistic photography. In this conversation, UNB Tim and Cody Perry discuss the evolution of gay photography, the influence of other photographers, and the impact of the AIDS crisis. They also talk about the importance of consent and comfort in photo shoots, as well as the role of social media personas. Cody shares his approach to photography, which involves giving models freedom to express themselves and capturing their natural movements. They wrap up the conversation by discussing where listeners can find Cody’s work online.

UNB Tim and Cody Perry are joined by model Adam J to discuss his experience working with Cody and their favorite shoots. They talk about Adam’s comfort with nudity and his involvement in the local gay community. They also discuss the wedgie shoot and the unique fetish around white briefs. Adam shares his favorite shoots, including one where he was drenched in baby oil. They also mention the idea of a shoot featuring a sick Victorian boy. The conversation ends with Adam sharing his social media handles.


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  • Cody Perry is a photographer known for his spicy and provocative photography, particularly featuring boys in underwear and various fetishes.
  • Cody’s journey into photography began when his grandfather gave him an old film camera, and he later transitioned to digital photography.
  • He initially wanted to focus on drag photography but shifted his focus to shooting naked men because it aligned better with his natural rhythms and interests.
  • Cody finds inspiration for his shoots from various sources, including movies, TV, advertisements, and his own imagination.
  • He aims to elevate unconventional themes and fetishes in his photography by applying high-quality techniques and capturing the beauty in them.
  • One of Cody’s dream shoots is to capture photos in a locker room, but finding access to such locations can be challenging. Gay photography has evolved over the years, becoming more edgy and then more mainstream, but there is now a resurgence of edginess in the photography scene.
  • Photographers like Dylan Rosser, Michael Stokes, Eric Monterosa, Pierre Agil, and Bruce Weber inspire Cody Perry in his work.
  • The AIDS crisis had a significant impact on the gay community, wiping out a whole generation of creative individuals.
  • Nudity is always optional in photo shoots, and Cody Perry ensures that models feel comfortable and have the freedom to express themselves.
  • Social media personas can sometimes be different from a person’s real-life personality, and it’s important to be authentic and true to oneself.
  • Cody Perry’s approach to photography involves giving models the space to move and express themselves naturally, resulting in more fluid and realistic shoots.
  • Adam J is a model who is comfortable with nudity and enjoys being photographed
  • He is actively involved in the local gay community and participates in gay sports leagues
  • One of his favorite shoots was the wedgie shoot, which involved showing his face and wearing white briefs
  • Another memorable shoot involved being drenched in baby oil
  • Adam and Cody discuss the idea of a shoot featuring a sick Victorian boy
  • Adam can be found on Twitter and Instagram


  • The Art of Elevating Kink and Fetish Photography
  • Finding Beauty in Unconventional Themes and Fetishes Authenticity vs. Social Media Personas
  • The Impact of the AIDS Crisis on the Gay Community

Sound Bites

  • “A lot of people like looking at naked men, so why not?”
  • “I like the mix, you know, I do have some guys that are more experienced that are, you know, a little more in the fitness modeling lifestyle. But I’ve got those guys that are just like, hey, I just want to feel pretty.”
  • “Cody Perry deals with bondage, public play, and everything in between, but it’s more of a style than just taking pictures for the sake of it.”
  • “I’m glad we’re seeing a little bit more edginess come back to the photography scene with photographers like you and others who are pushing it a little bit.”
  • “I try to bring out what’s interesting, you know? I try to… I don’t want to just have a naked boy just standing there, you know, because that’s fine. That’s, you know, all well and good, but where’s the art, you know?”
  • “Yeah, I love Dylan Rosser’s work. I really love Michael Stokes’ work. Eric Monterosa is just really, really fantastic.”

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