Brief Talk After Dark – Brief Tale – Adam

In this episode, UNB Tim interviews Adam J, a go-go dancer and underwear enthusiast. Adam shares his journey of discovering underwear, starting with watching Andrew Christian underwear ads and eventually buying his first jockstrap. He talks about the excitement of wearing underwear as a secret and exploring different styles with the encouragement of older partners. Adam also discusses his experience as a go-go dancer and how it allows him to showcase his love for underwear. The conversation touches on the evolving acceptance of men’s lingerie and the freedom to play with gender roles. In this part of the conversation, Tim and Adam discuss their love for underwear and the importance of feeling confident and sexy. They talk about the different types of underwear they own, including functional and fashion underwear. Tim shares his knowledge of various underwear brands and recommends ones that are both sexy and comfortable. They also discuss the emotional impact of wearing certain underwear and how it can boost their mood and body image. In this conversation, Adam J and UNB Tim discuss the importance of feeling confident and comfortable in the underwear you wear. They share personal experiences and encourage listeners to embrace their own unique style. They also touch on the influence of social media and the role of underwear in expressing oneself. The conversation covers various brands and styles of underwear, as well as the concept of kink and its connection to underwear. Overall, the conversation promotes body positivity and self-expression through underwear choices.


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  • Discovering underwear can be an exciting and personal journey, with different styles and brands sparking interest.
  • Wearing underwear can be a way to express one’s sexuality and enjoy a sense of secrecy and personal empowerment.
  • Go-go dancing provides a platform for showcasing and celebrating underwear, allowing performers to embrace their love for different styles.
  • The acceptance of men’s lingerie has grown, allowing individuals to explore and mix different types of gear without judgment.
  • Playing with gender roles and embracing personal preferences in underwear can be liberating and empowering. Wearing underwear that makes you feel confident and sexy is important for self-expression and body positivity.
  • There are different types of underwear, including functional and fashion underwear, and it’s fun to have a variety of styles.
  • Finding underwear that is both sexy and comfortable can make a big difference in how you feel.
  • Exploring different underwear brands and styles can be a fun way to express your personality and enhance your self-image. Feeling confident and comfortable in the underwear you wear is essential.
  • Don’t let others dictate what you should or shouldn’t wear.
  • Underwear is a form of self-expression and can be a way to embrace your unique style.
  • There are various brands and styles of underwear to suit different preferences and body types.
  • Kink and underwear can be interconnected, with underwear serving as a form of expression within the kink community.
  • Body positivity and self-acceptance are important when it comes to choosing and wearing underwear.


  • The Journey of Discovering Underwear
  • Go-Go Dancing: Showcasing Underwear Love Finding Underwear that is Sexy and Comfortable
  • The Emotional Impact of Wearing Certain Underwear The Connection Between Kink and Underwear
  • Embracing Confidence and Comfort in Underwear

Sound Bites

  • “I’m just gonna ramble on about all my underwear and everything I like.”
  • “Turn setter, turn setter.”
  • “The joy of underwear is that when you first discover it, it feels scandalous.”
  • “Keep it fresh, keep it fun.”
  • “You don’t have an underwear problem, you have a space problem.”
  • “Good underwear, you never feel like you’re wearing anything, but bad underwear reminds you every minute of the day you have on something horrible.”
  • “I’m gonna look hot again.”
  • “Wear what you wanna wear, don’t listen to other people.”
  • “Wear that and I think you will feel much better about yourself.”

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