Brief Talk After Dark featuring the Bricklayers

In this episode, Steven from the Bricklayers joins the new show to discuss various topics related to the adult content industry and fetish culture. They explore new ideas and fetishes, the influence of Asian countries on fetish culture, and the challenges of finding fetish wear for different body types. They also discuss the impact of Visa and Mastercard regulations on the industry, the pressure to maintain a certain physical appearance, and the double standards and ageism prevalent in the industry. Throughout the conversation, they emphasize the importance of accepting different body types and aesthetics. This conversation explores the impact of platforms like OnlyFans and social media on content creation, highlighting the opportunities they provide for individuals to create and share content that may not fit traditional standards. The conversation also emphasizes the importance of representation and body positivity, as well as the democratization of media and self-expression. It discusses the elimination of shame and the embrace of authenticity, challenging double standards and body shame. The conversation also highlights the power of connection and community, the value of cultural exchange, and the positive impact of social media on self-acceptance. It concludes by addressing the challenges of content creation and the need for a unified social media platform.

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